Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Favourite Verse ...

I don't think there is a single verse in the whole of Allama Iqbal's poetry that fails to impress the senses with beauty and profundity. But there is one verse there which simply knocks me down. No amount of translation can convey the semantic beauty of the verse, but I will offer my own translation here for the benefit of those readers who cannot understand Urdu.

تو سمجھتا نہيں اے زاہد ناداں اس کو
رشک صد سجدہ ہے اک لغزش مستانہء دل

You do not understand it
O ignorant ascetic!
A hundred prayers cannot match
A single stagger of the drunken heart


touhid said...

salaamu 'alykum,

do you mind posting the transliteration of the above verses, please?

Renaissance Scientist said...

Wa alaikum us salam ...


Tuu samajhta nahin aaiy zaahid-e-naadaan us ko
Rashk-e-sad sajdaa haiy ik laghzish-e-mastaanaa dil

The Urdu punctuation mark zair is missing in three places from the verse and that makes the reading awkward and inaccurate, and that's probably why you have asked for the transliteration. Actually, I had copied and pasted this verse from the Iqbal Academy website (www.allamaiqbal.com) without noticing the missing zairs. Can you guide me as to how to put in those zairs there?