Monday, February 06, 2006

Bombs, Cartoons, and Reality ...

A Beautiful Illustration of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him:

Though several Companions of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, have described the personality of the Prophet, peace be upon him, in beautiful words, the description provided by Umm-e-Ma'bad has no comparison. When the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, was on his travel of Hijrah, his first destination was the Cave of Saur. Upon his setting off from Saur, he came upon the dwelling of Umm-e-Ma'bad, who was a kind-hearted elderly lady. The Prophet, peace be upon him, and his Companions were thirsty. It was a special blessing that the lady's weak, emaciated goat gave a very large volume of milk that day. The Holy Prophet, peace be upon him, and his companions drank from that milk, but some milk still remained. When Umm-e-Ma'bad's husband came home later in the day after the guests had left, he surprisingly inquired about where so much milk came from. Umm-e-Ma'bad narrated the whole story of that day. He said, "Tell me more about this young man from Quraysh. Is he not the one whom I have heard so much about?" Upon this, Umm-e-Ma'bad offered a description of the Prophet - salla Allah o alaihe wa sallam - in the most choicest words. Umm-e-Ma'bad had neither knowledge about nor prejudice against the Prophet, peace be upon him, so she described everything just as she saw it ...

"Pious in habit; smart in appearance; appealing in etiquette; proportionate in physique; luxurious in hair; handsome in countenance; eyes black and wide; hair long and full; voice deep and rich; neck long and strong; forehead wide and brilliant; eyes filled with modesty; eyebrows thin and long; hair black and slightly curled; with a silent dignity that makes a place in the heart; appears very attractive from afar; but is ever more so handsome from close; sweet, enchanting, manner of speaking; speaks clearly, without excess or deficiency of words - as if pearls have been joined into a necklace; medium in height, so that appears neither short nor too tall - like the fresh stem of a fresh tree; impressive and magnetic presence; cynosure of his companions; he speaks, and they listen with intent silence; he orders, and they hurry to obey; stately, regal, neither reticent nor talkative!"

(Translated from Mohsin-e-Insaniyat - Benefactor of Mankind - Naeem Siddiqui's best-selling biography of the Prophet in the Urdu language)


Sister Imane said...

excellent post

Renaissance Scientist said...

Salam and thank you. The post is excellent only because it is about a personality which is simply excellent - salla Allah o alaihe wa aalihee wa sallam. If I had written about the editor of a Danish magazine, then the post wouldn't have been so excellent.

B said...

beautiful, may Allah bless you.

I found you two's blogs as i was looking for the description of the Prophet pbuh by Umm i Maabad, for making a post on my blog as well.

Best time for us Muslims to show who'ss the man that has been disrespected.

May Allah accept your efforts. aameen

I know a link detailing the ways in which we can support our Prophet pbuh, gives you a lot of ideas.

For all to read : Support your Prophet